Sunday, July 24, 2005
Happy Birthday to Me!
I know. How sad. I'm wishing myself Happy Birthday. But who cares?! It's my birthday and I've hit the big 3-5 today! Wow. I'm kinda old. I remember thinking 25 was old. Now I wish I was 25! Oh but if I could be 25 with the confidence I have now...

Let's see. What was I doing on my 25th birthday.. hmmmm hmmmm... can't remember. Probably cause I was drunk. Last memory I have of my 25th birthday was the tequila shots before heading out to the local nightclub. Yep. Must've been drunk! Don't you think tequila hangovers are the worst?! A beer hangover, you'll be ok about 4 hours after waking up. And by night time, your friends ask if you want a beer and you're like... SURE!! But a tequila hangover..... 3 weeks later you think of Tequila and you experience flashback hangover!!

But I sure love a good margarita!

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