Thursday, August 05, 2010
So this actually happened a couple of months ago, and I shared it on my facebook account, but I wanted to go less than a year between posts so I thought I'd share....

Tonight, Avery and I were looking at pictures on the computer, when she heard a tree branch hit the window next to us. At least... I knew it was a tree branch. SHE didn't know what it was. "What was that!?" she gasped. "What was what?" I said (although, I really knew what the noise was, I was just trying to freak her out)

With big round eyes, she leaned forward and excitedly whispered, "Was it the LordmyGod?!"

I started laughing.

"No Mommy! I think it was the LordmyGod because teacher said he'd come back and we need to let him into our hearts and homes!"

and with that she ran to the door to fling it open.

But our neighbor was there instead with his hand raised to knock on the door. He's here to take Chad to the bar for some game they're going to watch.

I'm guessing he's not Jesus.
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