Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Ghost Posts
For those of you who are new.. I thought I would compile what I like to call "Ghost Posts".

I know a couple of you have said that you would like to know some more about my ghost, so I've listed all of the posts below that talk about it, in the order that they first appeared.

Now, I don't know if my house is really haunted, or if I'm just a neurotic mass of nerves - but there's SOMETHING weird over here, and it ain't me. I'll try to work out a sidebar to list these, and when I get the time, I'll git'r'done. The sidebar button should be working now!! I've linked the button to this post, and I'll remember to update this list as I add ghost stories. However - I ahem... HOPE I don't have many to list, because honestly - this really freaks the hell out of me! But for now- I present... "The Ghost Posts"

"Don't tell me there's no such thing as ghosts"
"Strange Story"
"Well this was very strange"
"So I'm a little freaked right now"
"Do it yourself de-spooking"
"Of course you know this means war"
"EVP? It ain't for me"
"Untitled audio post"
"They're Heeeere"
"The Ghost of Christmas Present"
"Coffee Anyone"
"It's Not Just Me Anymore!!"
Here's one for the Ghost Posts
What in the World?!
Just this Once... A GHOST POST!

So those are the posts right now that mention my ghost. You make the decision if you want. You believe? Or not?
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