Saturday, November 12, 2005
My Theme Song!
Have you ever had what you consider to be a "theme song"? I do. If I did it right, the video should be playing right now.

You have to listen to the words. This song fits me to a T!!!

So, my friend Sam I am has made an appearance! It's up to him if he wants to tell you exactly how we met... but I think he was my highlight of my last night in Vegas! I sat down to play roulette about 7pm, and I didn't make it back up to my room (after numerous phone calls from my husband) until 2:30am. I will say this - I did NOT go to his room!


****EDIT ALERT****

Ok. I'm tired of listening to it. I'm going to put another favorite song of mine on here now.

For those of you who didn't hear it - it's Greenday's Basketcase.
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