Wednesday, March 28, 2007
I think it's time I update my blog links. I've noticed that some of the blogs I visit are now defunct. I need to remove them.

So while I'm poking around in there, let me know if you need to be added....I rarely screw around with that area so let me know while I'm there.

On the exciting side:

We've got a bunch of tornados running around in the Texas Panhandle right now, and one appears to be heading towards my work. If that happens - I just want everyone to know right now that you should all bend over, grab your knees and attempt to kiss your ass goodbye. i'm just sayin'. But on the other hand -- if it DOES hit my work, I'll probably not have to go in tomorrow.....FREE DAY!! WOOT!!

We've got an interested person in our house. That's exciting. And this weekend, I'm having an open house!! Did I mention that there are tornados in the Texas Panhandle right now? This is good news because my neighbor's fence blew down last year, and now I can lie and say it was a tornado.

I applied to a Very Large Company in San Antonio, that is notoriously hard to get in to, and I got a phone call from one of their "staffers" wanting to "visit with me". ooooOOOOOOOHHH YEAH! Cross your fingers, your legs, and whatever the hell else you can cross and wish me luck!

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