Monday, January 02, 2006
and the Bad Mother of the Year Award goes to....

This is so gross. Last night, I was trying to put some semblance of order back into my house (the post Christmas messies are here). I fed the kids and left the dishes on the table. I didn't wash them right away.

Wait... have you ever fed kids?? It's a miracle they gain weight at all. Half the food on their plate ends up on the floor every single time. I have to sweep under the table every night, and we could probably feed a starving child in Africa with what's left under there. Anyway. Last night, I neglected to sweep. I wanted to get right back to taking the tree down. I woke up this morning, and wandered into the kitchen. Of course - the dishes are there. But HEY!! The floor is clean! Yay! I graciously thanked my husband for taking the initiative. But he said he didn't sweep. ummmmm.... did you let the dogs in then?? Nope, he hadn't let the dogs in.

huh. Where'd all the food bits go?? oh noooooooooooooooooooo. The thought hit us at the same time. And we were RIGHT! She still had a french fry in her grubby little hand. Damn... she got that floor spotless. Maybe I should send her under there after dinner from now on??

Oh well! On the bright side - I didn't have to feed her breakfast! Bonus!


p.s. So I was cruising around the blog world, and have you ever noticed how many bloggers start their entries with the word "So". LOL
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