Tuesday, February 24, 2009
So "Anonymous" is making me blog because they (he??? she??? heshe??) said they miss me.

Wanna know what yer missing?

Black tongue

Oh yeah. Yummy

This morning, I was brushing my teeth. I stuck out my tongue & was instantly transfixed/horrified/disgusted by a seemingly black growth roosting on my tongue.

Initiate screaming freakout right here

I flew down the stairs shrieking for my husband. He came running up the stairs and crashed into me in my headlong flight downstairs.

"What's wrong!? What happened!?" he yelled
"OHMIGODOMIGOD LOOKATMYTONGUE !!! LOO AH MAH TONNNN!!!! " I screeched back, simultaneously jammed it out of my mouth for him to observe.

Theoretically - I was hoping he would comfort me and offer some insight as to what the hell was going on.

Instead - he freaked out as well.

Which didn't help matters.

So I did another lap around the house and ended back upstairs clutching a bottle of clorox. Just as I was about to gargle STRAIGHT BLEACH (well...maybe not really, but you get the idea), he came pounding back upstairs and demanded to know if I had taken Pepto Bismol lately.

well....yeah.... I took some last night due to the incessant heartburn my job is causing me. I popped two of the tablets last night & went straight to bed.

APPARENTLY, this is a side effect of which I had NEVER heard of, and had definitely NEVER experienced.

How can such a pretty color tablet make such a nasty color on my tongue? But apparently that is what the cause is, and I'm stuck with a black tongue for the next 2-3 days. If the color doesn't fade, I'm to call a doctor.

Which was good information to know, since I then didn't have to gargle with clorox.

See what you're missing?
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