Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Never thought I'd have to do this so soon -
And it's my own damn fault.

Remember I told you I bought my 4 yr old son a Hummer for his birthday? Yeh. Well - I've had to restrict his driving priviledges. I thought I'd have to do this at age 16, not 4!

Here's what happened: I was on my way home from work today and I was booking it! Today was the first day of my first college course in many many years. I was determined not to be late! I work 35 miles away from home, and I only had 1 hour to get home, change, grab my books and begone.

Traffic was great until I got around my neighborhood. I figured there was an accident at the intersection because cars were so backed up. Just friggin' great. I have to hurry hurry HURRY! I was about to take a backroad, when the cars started picking up speed. I'm so glad they did this. Otherwise, I would have actually turned and missed this.

There, on the corner of the street (main road even!) is a miniature Hummer, and two small children. One of them is holding up a hand-drawn stop sign. And the two small children are mine.

This is the story I was able to piece together. Apparently - they decided they wanted to go up to the corner store & buy some candy. It was too far to walk, so Ethan decided to hop in his Hummer and GO. Ashton, who is 7, and who I depend on for stopping such hare-brained ideas... came up with the idea that SHE'D direct traffic so they could get back before I got home AND before Daddy noticed they were missing. So they loaded up his car with $3 cash, Ashton's Barbie Radio, the Mickey Moused traffic signs, and sunglasses.

Needless to say, I put a stop to their adventure. A very nice gentleman helped me load the hummer into my SUV, and I drove home, freaking out the entire way. I pulled into our driveway and frog-marched the kids directly to their room. Then I went off to find Daddy. But he's not home, and the baby is gone too. What the??? I looked out the front door, and there was my husband with a baby carriage frantically racing around the corner up ahead. Seems he left the older two alone just a smidge too long... eh? Ha! Maybe it'll teach him a lesson.

Now - I see the humor in this now... but I tell ya - I was shitting a brick earlier today. I did make it to class on time, (miracle) and the Hummer has had the battery removed. For 3 weeks. I don't think that's too steep - do you?
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