Friday, December 16, 2005
A little deviation from my usual genre
If I have a genre that is.

Now, you guys that read my blog know that I usually babble about nonsensical crap, and that I'm amazed that I have regular readers at all. But I want to tell you guys something a little different today. Again - not the usual drivel that I spout, but this is something that has been with me since Sunday, and maybe I need to share it?

See, I'm not usually a church-goer, but occasionally I go. I went to church last Sunday and moped about in the pew. (I'm a horrible Catholic). So as I listened with half an ear to the priest, I started to notice that the man in front of me was nodding his head vigorously to each statement the priest said. I began to entertain myself by watching this man. Eventually, he started to punctuate each nod with a "Praise God!" and even cried out "Hallelujah" a few times.

Now, I don't know how many of you are Catholic, but in all the Catholic churches I've been to, this is unusual. Most Catholics don't shout out praise like this, and they certainly don't pump their fist into the air, like this gentleman was doing. But it was all very entertaining. Finally, the part of church came where the priest told us to offer each other a sign of peace (this is where all the Catholics turn to each other and shake hands while saying "Peace be with you", or - like some people in my church: "Hey whassup" with a brief little nod of the head. Anyhoo. When this man turned around, I was completely taken aback.

What I had taken for a cracked nut bible-beater, was a man with complete and utter joy on his face. He had a beatific look on his face as he turned around, grabbed at my hand, and wished me the love of God and happiness (which is not the usual 'Hey Wassup' or 'Peace be with you'). This man, was also -- totally blind.

His eyes were messed up. Big time. I also noticed, as he grabbed at my hand, that he had one of those canes clenched in his other hand. And then I started thinking.

Sheesh. Here's this man, who cannot see, yet is sitting here in church singing, loudly proclaiming his love for God, and really participating in church. Seems to me he can 'see' better than I can. I gripe about not having enough money, or not enough time, or too much to do, and this man who doesn't have eyesight - something a lot of us take for praising the God that allowed that to happen (it was obvious that the eyes were the product of a congenital thing).

I don't know if it's the Christmas season that has made this memory of the blind guy stay with me, or what but for some reason, it was totally amazing to me.

I take soooo many things for granted, and then I see something like that. .. I dunno. I guess I just wanted to share something other than my usual nonsense. And I'm re-reading this entry for the third time, and I feel like I'm not getting the actual feeling that I want to convey to you guys! It truly was, an 'eye-opening' experience for me.

I'll probably be back to my usual programming tomorrow!

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