Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Still can't see it? Try this:
Here - I'm not insane! There really is an arrow! I circled it in this pic:

And once you finally see the arrow... you will ALWAYS see the arrow.

I'm really pissed tonight. I took my first Algebra test. I'm pretty sure I screwed it up. Thank God for partial credit! I missed the first hour of class, which included ... the review of the test. Shit. BUT!! I missed it for a good reason! My little boy was in his very first Christmas Program. His little Montessori class sang Christmas Carols. I found out something about him. He's one of those kids that screams his songs out when he's in a group of kids. So , all the other kids are singing, and he's just belting it out like William Hung. I was so damned proud of him. Then... he decided he was going to mess with the little girl standing in front of him, and he fell down while trying to pull her hair. When he fell, it created a domino effect. And I got the whole damn thing on VIDEO!! YEAH!!

Well - let me know if you see the arrow now that I circled it.

Fleas got my dog ya'll!!


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