Wednesday, March 22, 2006
Brrrrr again! It's cold again! What's up with that? It was the first day of Spring yesterday, and we had SNOW. And it was snowing again today as I was driving home. Do you know what it's like to drive in TEXAS when it's snowing? Everybody freaks the hell out. The traffic was horrible. I had to slow it down to 60mph on my way home it was so bad. I hate rush hour. Especially when it's snowing. And why does everybody and their dog visit the grocery store when the forecast calls for snow? I couldn't find a grocery cart anywhere - the checkout lines were all the way to the back of the store, and all I wanted was a gallon of milk. It wasn't like the snow forecast was for like 5 feet of snow or anything... it was MAYBE one inch. grrrrrrrrr

By the way -- I've got a real busy month coming up... we're having an inspection/audit right now, and it lasts two weeks, then I'm headed to DC for a week. My posting might be a little sporadic - but I'm still here!!!
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