Friday, March 17, 2006
It's OUIJA... not WEEGIE!!!!
I cannot tell you how many times my blog has been 'hit' by people trying to find out information on a "weegie" board.

I had a post earlier this month, that briefly mentioned a "Weegie" Board. Since then, I've had hits of people searching for the following stuff:

1. Weegie Board
2. How to make a Weegie Board
3. Weegie Board and peanuts
4. Weegie Board spiritual
5. Weegie Board seance
6. Weegie Board raising the devil (eeeeeek!!!)
7. Naked Weegie

OK. Lots of searches. These are just the ones that I remember. But guys - there are a LOT of people looking for "Weegie Boards". So let me help:


1. - let me help you. Why don't you try searching for OUIJA first? That's what this thing is really called. It's not a WEEGIE board... it's a OUIJA board, (pronounced WEE-JAH.. with a soft 'j' sound.... mmm'kay??)

2. - I don't know how to make them.

3. - Peanuts?

4. - Did you mean spirits?? LOL.

5. - the seances are BOGUS !! I swear it's your friends pushing that little dillywopper around....

6. - ummm... I'm a little leery about laughing at that particular search. (freaky people!)

7. - oOOoooOOO!! I like the idea !!

Soooooo.... have I ever told you guys about the very last time I ever played "Ouija"? HEY!! Maybe me playing with the Ouija board opened a spiritual world door that never shut?? Do you think that could possibly explain all the ghostly shit that happens to me? Could it be the fault of that freaking OUIJA BOARD?? I can't remember! Have I ever told you this story?
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