Monday, March 20, 2006
oooo yeah
Want to know how to make me instantly happy??
Want to know how I drive my husband insanely jealous??
Want to know how to keep me in line??

Buy me a 24 inch widescreen flat panel monitor and I AM YOURS!

Well, since I got a new one of these puppies at work today, I guess I'll keep working there. It'd be craziness to quit!! Craziness!

My husband does NOT want to talk to me right now if I begin my conversation with "Guess what I got at work today!!" He is actually sulking. He just doesn't want to hear about it. So I'll tell ya'll!! I got me a NICE NEW 24 INCH WIDESCREEN MONITOR AND IT ROOOOOCKKSS!!

So - I wonder, if I quit there, will they let me keep the monitor?
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