Tuesday, February 27, 2007
A charmed life
I admit it. I have to admit that I have a charmed life. Whenever I need something - it just...HAPPENS.

Case in point:

I was griping to my husband the other day that we were going to have to replace our dishwasher, because the element on the bottom was starting to turn white and flake off. I can just see a home inspector telling a prospective buyer that they'd have to shell out $600 for a new dishwasher. So... I was griping. The very..next..day, I was giving my boss a ride to work. SHE was telling me that she was upset with this store because she had to buy a new dishwasher because hers was leaving waterspots on her dishes. (eh?? That's a detergent prob...right?) So she bought a new one and the store people were supposed to haul off her old one (which is a mere 2 years old), but didn't. So now she has TWO dishwashers and no way to throw out the old one. I choked back my excitement and asked her how much she wanted for her old dishwasher. "My old one? You don't want it!! It leaves waterspots on your dishes!!" I assured her that I most certainly did SO want it, and explained that my dishwasher was starting to burn up. So she let me take it FREE, but not before warning me again about the dastardly water spots.

I brought the washer home, and my dear hubby installed it. We ran a cycle...no spots. I KNEW IT WAS THE DETERGENT!! And my boss? She's pissed because her new washer is leaving spots on her dishes. I told her she might want to switch detergents. I also asked her if she wanted some money for her old washer. She said no.

So I got a new dishwasher!! Woohoo!!

See? It always happens that way. Things I need just ...HAPPEN. This also occurs with money. Oh sure - I'm not winning the lottery or anything, but I always stumble across a little stash whenever we need that extra oomph to get us to the next paycheck.

Another case in point:

We ran short of cash when Ashton had unexpected tonsillectomy surgery. We had another week to go to get to payday, and no money for grocerys. Lo and behold !! That very day, we got a check in the mail from our insurance company for the whopping total of $115. Enough to buy us food for the week and gas for our cars. YES!!

So I must be thankful for days like today when I get speeding tickets. And when the officer pulls me over and 5 cars breeze by with passengers yelling: "HAAAHAAA!! NORMAN GOT A TICKET!!!" Passengers that just happen to be my coworkers. (It's a small town). And then to top it off, my FATHER pulls over in front of me and proceeds to tell the officer that it's a good thing he's writing me up because my dad feels that I need to be slowed down.

Ah yes... it's truly a charmed life I lead - because the officer felt sorry for me since my dad saw me getting a ticket....and let me off with a warning.

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