Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Again with the questions!!
A couple of days ago, Ethan asked me if he had "brains" ... down there...

Well, today, he asked me THIS:

"Mommy. What's a "Wazoo"?"

"A wazoo?? Where'd you hear that?"

"You and Daddy are always talking about things coming out your wazoos. What's a Wazoo?"


"Well, a wazoo is the top of your head. You see...when you just get fed up with something - you're "full of all the fed-upness" and it flys out of your head!! So your wazoo is on top of your head!"

I just don't think he's ready for the actual explanation yet. And see - we were at WalMart when he asked me (yes a matter of fact... i DO live there). So there were some people around that heard my explanation and got the giggles. They just rolled their eyes at me and my cart full o'kids. (I had Avery in the seat, one child standing on the end, and one child laying on the bottom of the cart. We're hicks that way)

But anyway, that explanation worked. In fact .. it worked REALLY well. Because 2 hours later, I was in the kitchen when I heard a ruckus. Then Avery came running into the kitchen crying and telling me that Ethan hit her on the WAZOO!

"The Wazoo?", I repeated dumbly?

"Yessss!!" she screeched "IT'S ON MY HAID!!"

oh. dear...
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