Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Well, even though Freak Magnet refused to cross her legs for me.... I GOT AN INTERVIEW WITH THE VERY LARGE COMPANY (VLC)!!!!!

Holy Crap! Now, here's the deal. They offered to interview me at MY convenience. Because "they understand that I'm coming in from out of town so THEY want to work with ME so that this will turn out as favorably as possible." OH!! I'm telling you....this is an AWESOME company. They are one of the top employers to work for in San Antonio.... I'm very excited.

But here are the problems: I can not do an interview next week, because I totally committed to some presentations next week, and already I have 600 people coming to hear me speak. So I'm stuck. I have to be there. That's on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday thru Friday I can not interview because...well -- damn it, I'm going to Vegas and a person just HAS to have their priorities in life straight! I'm just sayin'.

Then the next week, my boss told me she really needed me at work that week because again, I have a large number of people scheduled to present to, and I'm the only one that can be there (everyone else is on pre-scheduled travel). So, being the nice person that I am... I committed to that.

So basically, that leaves this week. After a few hundred phone calls to arrange child care and plane fare, here's what we came out with:

I have an interview scheduled for Friday. I am flying out on Thursday evening, interviewing on Friday, and then DRIVING back to Amarillo on Friday afternoon. Cause you know... it's Easter and all.

So forgive me if I'm not on for a few days. I'm going a wee bit insane!!

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