Sunday, April 01, 2007
well. that went a little better
I just shut my house up. We conducted an open house today. It's ever so much fun to watch total and complete strangers traipse thru your house, criticizing your taste in decor. I insisted on being present this time, after the panty-incident.

We got about 40 walk-thrus. Most of them felt my humble abode was "very cute".

So buy it already. If you're not gonna buy it, then get the hell out! I'm not very gracious.

I, being the opportunist that I am -- shamelessly promoted my Pampered Chef to all open house attendees. Hopefully, I sell my house AND some stoneware!

But the most fun was the last couple that came through my house. They wandered in, nodded to me, and proceeded to photograph it. Each and every room. I just sat back and watched. Then I mentioned to them that the house is already photo'd and posted on the internet. I was about to play paparazzi-buster on them and demand the memory card, until....they told me they were from the newspaper, and doing a story on realtors.

I think my attitude shifted dramatically after that.

They asked me about the realtor I had picked, and how I came to that decision. They also wanted to know what I did to make my house "ready" and how I felt about the service I was receiving from my realtor. Again - being the opportunist that I am, marketed my realtor and sung their frickin' praises. They took down all my answers, asked if they could use my name (yes!! and post my address too, I added), and left. So then I called my realtor and informed him that they should give me a steep discount on any and all commissions seeing as how I made them sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

So we'll see.

And now I must go disinfect all my toilets, because apparently everyone that came thru here felt the need to mark their territory.


**************EDIT ALERT****************


I just got a freaking e-mail from eBay. Apparently - some asswipe has conducted ILLICIT ACTIVITY on my account to open an anonymous e-mail account USING MY CREDIT CARD.

I just contacted eBay via their live help option...AND IT IS NOT A SPOOFED EMAIL. This has really happened.

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