Friday, August 12, 2005
Snubbed again
I want a boob job.

I ran into John Doe (the Boob Watcher) at work again today. So I started to square my shoulders (all the better to see them my dear), when he WHIRLED around and RAN after another girl who just happens to have big ta-tas!!! And as I watched him catch up to her, his gaze was fastened on her - you guessed it - her boobs. So - I'm really sad, and my husband is about to be sad to, 'cause I heard these boob jobs can cost upward of about $7500... or is that a low figure? I don't know, but I'm about to start pricing!

So now I'm trying to figure out how big do I wanna go? Porn star big or get ya noticed big, or do I need to try to just stick with "perky"...

Well - I just left the keyboard for a second, and asked my husband how much he'd be willing to spend on a boob job. He's watching television and he didn't even blink. He said "$5 bucks". WHAT? "$5 bucks!?" I yelped, "What kind of a boob job can I get for $5 bucks!?"

"$5 bucks'll get you a pair of good socks you can stuff in your bra".

Can you believe he's mad at me cause I threw the remote control at him?
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