Monday, October 31, 2005
And a Happy Halloween!!

Avery's first Halloween and one tired Mommy. (Running around like a nut trying to get kids from one grandparent to the next is HELL).

Pumpkin Spice and Ketchup Man. I let them pick their costumes out theirselves and this is what they come up with! Of course, you can't see the go-go boots she's sporting, but she thought she was HOT STUFF!

Poor Ketchup Man was very very disappointed that ketchup didn't actually squirt out the top. Apparently, he was planning on splooshing everyone with messy ketchup.

Know what we did to celebrate Halloween in a big big way?? WE THREW OUT THE REST OF LAST YEAR'S HALLOWEEN CANDY!!

Yes - I admit it. I'm the mean mom that won't let the kids keep their own candy. It all goes in a big bowl that is stashed way high out of their reach. They rely upon ME to give them bits & pieces of candy throughout the year. The Power! The Power!!! MWWWAHHHHAHAHAHAAAAAA.

alright. enuff with the evil laughter. I just wanted to show off my kids in their costumes. Here's one more of just Avery. She was really digging Halloween!

Good night!

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