Thursday, October 27, 2005
I'm fixing to puke. Really. I'm sitting 20 feet away from my husband... and I can smell him.
He stinks. He's refusing to sleep out in the living room too. But GAAAWDDD the SMELL!

Shower? No, the stink is oozing out of him. He ate half a freaking jar of PICKLED GARLIC. And (as if that's not enough) he also ate 6 banana peppers. He's just wrong.

I would sleep out in the living room if I could, but the baby is in our room (cause we only have a 3 bedroom house), and he doesn't wake up when she cries.

Am I wrong for thinking that eating entire cloves of garlic is cruel? We went to Wal Mart tonight, and I swear people were staying way far away from him. And the worst part is, he's a close talker. He just LOVES to get in your face to talk to you. I hate it. I'm always telling him to back the fuck up. Tonight - I was practically pushing him away. The stink... the stink!!

There are not enough tic-tacs in the world to help him right now.

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