Monday, November 21, 2005
My Canned Penis
Snopes says this is not a true story - but I think this is the one time that I will chose to not believe Snopes. This IS a canned penis. I know it is! I'm sitting here, looking at the picture on the can, and I believe!!

The only thing misleading on this can... is that it certainly doesn't smell like any penis I've smelt. er.. that is - not that I've smelt them you understand... But this smells flowery and I have heard that penises just don't smell that way. (phew... backtracking can be tricky!)

Here's a picture of a penis can. It's not the actual picture. I ripped this one off of snopes, cause I couldn't get the camera working (damn ghost).

I have the actual can, and according to snopes, it's a part of a flower. Now come on. I've never seen a flower that looks like THAT!! Not only that, but the petal above the penis looks like a tongue.


I've checked all over the can, and no where do I see this particular appendage repeated in any of the flower patterns on there.

My judgement on this... it's a dick.

Thank you....


***edited 10/17/06***
Not that I mind - but who are you people coming from that are reading this? Did someone say something and link to this post? I'm just curious!! You can leave me an answer in comments if someone would be so kind!!! Thanks again --- Norman (who's is stark raving mad with curiousity)
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