Monday, January 23, 2006
Games married people play
Are you up for TMI? I am!!

I was in bed last night, laying next to my husband who was doing his best Darth Vader imitation to date. (heavy breather...heh)

Anyway - as I'm laying there... I hear it... pfffft. Oh no he did NOT!!! I punched him lightly in the side, and he rolled over - causing the sheets to shift. He did!! UGGGGH!!

I punched him again, harder this time, and told him he stunk. Blearily - he said - "Well - you do it too!!" "NO I DON'T!!" "YES YOU DO" "DON'T" "DO"... ok, you get the picture.

So then I'm laying there, stewing in the odor and decided to just fight dirty. "Hey.. hunny" I whispered sweetly. "hunnnnnnhhh???" he questioned "PFFFFFFT" Right back at ya!! and just to be mean, I fluffed.

You know what fluffing is, don't you? Fluffing is the act of farting in bed, then lifting the sheets quickly and laying them back down, in order to let the smell escape, effectively running the gas up your partners nose as they lay there defenselessly.


hheheehheheheheeee. "pfffffffffft pftpft pft bracccckk fluff fluff" yeah.. he got me back

eewwww. I can feel my hair curling. "pfffffftt wheeeeet pfffft" me - but then simultaneously I hear: "pffffffertttttfffphhhhhthhthththt" dual fluff.

Next sound up is my husband "OH!!!! IT'S YOURS!! IT'S YOOOOOURRS!!" Hey! I won!! My pfoot overpowered his, and I won the fluffing war!

Yay me!!

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