Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Got Woody
What IS it with my kids?? If they're not screaming 'bitches', they are coming up to me with this:

"Mommy - I got woody in my pants" (my SON who is FOUR said this...)

"Hey! Have you been listening to your father talk again?? What do you mean you have woody in your pants??"

"Woody! I got woody!"

oh for the love of... "COME HERE!" I grabbed him by his shoulders. "What. do. you. mean?"

"Woody! See? " And there, on his undies... is 'Woody' from "Toy Story".

I think, Disney should have re-thought that particular character on underwear. Really. My son LOVES to show his underwear, but he always announces the view. "Mommy!! Wanna see my Thomas??" and then he moons me, with - Thomas the Tank Engine underwear. Cute. Same with Scooby Doo. But honestly - I really think I might get phone calls from his school if he decides to show 'his Woody' ...

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