Saturday, February 18, 2006
I should be in Austin right now
I should be in Austin having a great time meeting people that I 'talk' to in the Blog World. Instead I'm home on a Saturday night.

BUT! I did have fun today. Let's see:

I drank about 8 cups of coffee (ZING!!!)
Started a load of laundry (Oh crap - it's been sitting in there all day, I never put it in the dryer! Oopsie!)
Made a candle with my new candle maker that I got for Valentines Day (and it turned out great!)
Went rollerskating with my kids for about 3 hours (that's my exercise for the MONTH)
Crocheted on my afghan for a little bit (almost done!)
Chased Avery around the house because she figured out how to play "Tag"
Went to WalMart

ok. Those were just the HIGHLIGHTS of my day. I still think I should be in Austin dancing on a bar and slamming tequila shots.

Well crap. At least I can share some pictures I got over e-mail today. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!

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