Monday, February 13, 2006
Ways to mess with your kids Part II
Heh. This happened a while ago, but I remembered it today and had to share - aren't I sweet?!

We used to have trouble keeping Ethan in his bed at night. He'd scamper around his bedroom in the dark and play with his train table and anything else that would keep him from doing what he was supposed to be doing... sleeping.

One night - I was sitting in the living room when I heard scuffling coming from the direction of his room. I was just about to get up to tie him to his bed guide him back to bed, when I heard a loud crashing sound, and the terrified cries of my child. I kicked it into high gear and ran to his room, still hear GROWLING noises and breaking glass. I skidded around the corner, flipped on the lights and see him sobbing hopelessly on his bed - crossways, as if he'd flopped on it after leaping high in the air. I think he did. Because kicked over on the floor were these:

Have you seen these things? They're hilarious! But at the time, Ethan did not think they were that hilarious. Apparently - he'd left them on the floor of his room, and in his midnight travails, he kicked them. When you knock them together, they make "Hulk" noises, which sound very much like a HUGE SCARY MONSTER THAT'S COMING TO GOBBLE YOU UP. And opportunist that I am, seized on that thought of his... heeeehee... expoitation at it's finest.

I told him that if he'd stayed in bed - that mean growley thing wouldn't have come out from under his bed.

NO!! Really - I didn't do that. But it was RIGHT THERE on the tip of my tongue to do that! I swear.. I swear -- I did not strategically place those hands on the floor on purpose! It was pure chance, but it was AWESOME because for about a month after that - he was glued to his bed the minute we put him in there.

He still runs around in the middle of the night at times now. I think if it starts to become a habit, I might leave those hands out - on purpose this time!
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