Sunday, March 05, 2006
Got my eyebrows waxed yesterday. That's like the THIRD time I've done that. Ever.
I think the first time I did it, I decided to nevereverever do it again (without tequila). The second time I did it, I remembered that I thought I might need tequila. Anyway - on to yesterday. I was at the mall, and saw a sign that said "Walk-ins Welcome". I had my two older kids with me and asked them if they would mind waiting 5 MINUTES. Just 5 MINUTES, while Mommy got her hair pulled off her face. That seemed to pique their curiousity - so they agreed.

I sat at the little torture seat chair used for waxing, and let them go fer it. Ethan was gazing at me with big eyes. "Does that hurt?" he looked worried. "Oh no, sweetie. It feels nice and warm. Putting the wax on my eyebrows doesn't hurt at all." He continued to watch closely as the dominatrix wax lady smoothed the cloth strips over the wax. RRRRIP!!!!!!!!!!! "YOW!" Crap. I couldn't help yelling just a little bit. That shit HURTS! I looked over at Ethan, his little mouth was hanging open. Ashton was just holding her hands over HER eyebrows in a protective manner. For once... both kids were staying where I told them too. Round two coming up.. the wax was being applied to my brows again and Ethan was leaning in for a better view. "RRRRRIIPP!" Now... my kids are sitting right there, so I had to become creative with my language: "BLLAAAAH BLAHBLAH BLAH That hurts!" Yes. I actually said blah blah blah. Ethan's face swam into view, blurred by the standing tears in my eyes. "Mommy," he whispered "are you going to get a lollipop for this?" Now THAT sent me into hysterics. I had the wax lady telling me to sit still or she would get my brows crooked, but I couldn't help it - That was too freaking cute! When he gets a shot at the doc's office, he always gets a lollipop to 'make it all better'. heeeh!!

Finally - they finished, and my eyes stopped watering, so I went up to the register to pay and leave. As I was handing over my card, Ashton put her hand on my arm. "Wait. Did you just PAY someone to pull your hair out?!" "Well, yeah. They like to get paid for that... yes" "You're crazy! I'd never pay someone to pull my hair out!" My response? "Well - just wait until you hit 35 young lady!! You'll pay to have two eyebrows again! Mark my words!"

We left into the mall area and Ashton stopped me again. "Mommy - put your sunglasses on! Your eyebrows are bright red! You look like a clown! "

Ah... my kids. I love 'em! I don't know what I'd do without them... really! But now - I tell ya - they think I'm the toughest mom out there because I got my eyebrows pulled out. (Shhhh.. don't tell them that other people do that on a regular basis!)
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