Monday, March 06, 2006
Just a few of the lessons that I'm trying to teach my son:

1. The toilet is NOT a carwash. Stop throwing the "Hot Wheels" in there and flushing.
2. You don't need a whole roll of toilet paper to wipe your winkie after peeing. Really.
3. No peanut butter on the baby. Ever.Again.
4. Your older sister is not interested in being a springboard
5. You do NOT want to be a garbage man when you are older - even though they have cool trucks.

I had someone e-mail me wondering why I seem to showcase my son more often than my other two. The reason is not because I don't care about my others - it's just he's more insane than the girls. Did you ever see that movie "Parenthood" with Steve Martin in it? Remember his youngest son that would stick a bucket on his head and run into the walls? Yeah? Well - he's like that. And he HAS done the bucket trick.

My oldest daughter is a joy that I'm ever so glad to have. She's actually my guinea-pig and I tell her this. If I make a mistake in something I do or say - I'm the first to apologize and let her know that I make mistakes at times, but that I'm still learning how to be a mommy. Really. I've never had a 7 year old before, and she's the one who I learn through on child-raising. She's so understanding and gracious about it. I "make-up" the mistakes to her by having a special "girl day" set aside for us occasionally. We'll go pottery painting, or to the movies or just rollerskating. Just us two.

My youngest daughter is trying very hard to be competetive with her brother's insanity. I'm pretty sure that she'll be the main subject here before too long. That kid is flat out MEAN - to the point where my mother told me I'd better start working with her baby 'tude before it got out of hand. She's pretty tough!

SO!! From my list of lessons that I'm trying to teach my son - does anyone have anything to add for me to look out for? What lesson have you had to teach your child that could be useful to me for the future??

*****Edited to add**************

oh - and by the way - Here are some of the freaky keyword searches I've had today:

Num Perc. Search Term

6 35.29% i am norman
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1 5.88% greg's nipple
1 5.88% making a weegie board
1 5.88% dealing with nosy neighbors
1 5.88% metal backyard gym set
1 5.88% storm chasing roofers
1 5.88% a man named norman movie
1 5.88% fox in socks wav
1 5.88% picture of coffee beans mans face
1 5.88% weegie board

My question? Why is someone looking for Greg's Nipple on my blog?
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