Thursday, August 02, 2007
Howdy Howdy HOWDY!
Hey Sports Fans!

So what's been going on in Blogland while I've been gone? I've had LOTS happening over here! I started my new job, sold our old home, bought our new home, moved into my new home, and just last week - moved our children into our new home!

I think I wanna send them back to Amarillo.

I swear! They are running around being hooligans. It's awful. I missed them so much, but got thru the missing them bit by pretending they were all at camp. But now they're back and I guess they just missed us and it's a huge change and they are going to act out and all. But a small terrible part inside me is just wishing I could have had a few more days to try to settle the last of our junk into a new place.

Oh well ... we'll survive. They are actually behaving much better today.

So - on to the house stuff! We've been in here a total of two weeks - and last night we found a water leak!


Now why the hell can't I ever find a house without frickin' water issues? Our last house DRAINED us of $12,000 worth of plumbing repairs....

But then we discovered that Ashton had taken a shower and managed to splash half of the water OUTSIDE the shower door, which made it thru a crack in between the tile and shower stall and then to the dining room below.

So - my first repair ever in my house: Silicone barrier on bathroom floor.

Looks like I might have to paint the ceiling in the downstairs dining room now since there seems to be a light tan spot now where the water came through.

Anyway - that's my update for now. I realize it's not up to the caliber you guys were probably expecting so let's make this fun!

What do you want to know about the last month...I'll tell ya!

The Question Floor is now open. Let's get the ol' Norman Blog back to it's former glory(?)!!!
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