Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Answers and more answers!

I'm talking a break from my packing to answer your questions! And then I've gotta get back to packing and some laundry...

Talula - the person who led me to my newest Online Right Now Display asks:

Did you ever find that sun spider? And don't think I forgot about him either. Packing is a scary thing for me right now. It's only a matter of time before he pops out from under something and makes me crap my pants.

Teri - wants to know..

How often do I really have ghost activity?

Ok. Well - that depends on what you call ghost activity. Since I stopped writing about it, and talking about it so much, the "incidents" have seemed to calm down. I took to heart a lot of the comments that said "ignore it". Also - some people directed me to some really wacky websites that involved tinfoil on my head at night, but they all said discussing it gives it energy. So to try this little experiment out- I stopped blogging and talking about it. I did NOT try the tinfoil. But it seems to have helped the *really* scary things.

But on the simple side, I hear footsteps almost every night. This is super scary for me since my husband is not here to help me out. And I'll admit to self-medicating myself at night with a glass of wine and two "simply sleeps" by Tylenol. For the past two days, the footsteps have been louder. Maybe it's all the activity from packing.

But by the way - I'm getting freaked out by writing this so maybe there'll be a ghost post later on because after all --- I'm talking about it right now - aren't I? PRAY FOR ME!!

Lisa is being uber-nosey and wants to know:

What really happened in Vegas?

Well, aside from losing our tax refund, my husband got propositioned by a prostitute....and he didn't figure it out until I chased her away. I went to the bathroom and my husband was waiting outside for me. While he was waiting, he said this cute girl just sat down next to him and started talking to him. He said she was asking stuff like "Are you here with your friends or a girlfriend?" so he said "Nahhh... I'm here with my wife" so then she sat there for a second and asked if he wanted to go upstairs with her for a minute. While he puzzled that one out - she said she'd have him back downstairs before I even knew he was gone. I don't think she realized I was in the bathroom. Then I came out and interrupted the little pick up game. She looked at me, and said to him: "You didn't tell me your wife looked like THAT! See ya guy!" and walked off. So because I'd been drinking all day - I decided to follow her. Meanwhile - my husband put two and two together...came up with 4 and decided to run after me. The bouncers made her leave, and made me go upstairs because apparently - my yelling was causing a disruption. I also made friends with some really fun guys from the UK. I liked them because they sounded like Austin Powers, and they liked me because they thought I had a fun accent. I told them I don't have an accent THEY had the accent. So we argued about that for a bit. Then they all kissed me and went away. I started losing at roulette after they left so I was pissed off and left. Vegas ROCKS!

Traca seems to be begging for ghost posts. But I CAN'T DO IT YET!! I've got one more night here by myself.... just patient! ( my response to Teri....)

Michael didn't even ask me a question!! What's up with that!?

Freak Magnet is wimping out of her serious question with this:

How do I like to be stalked - obviously or covertly?

Well - Obviously, it's obviously. I like the obvious so I can mess with the stalker. But then... you knew that didn't you?

and Leonesse tripped out and ran away.

OK!! I've got to get back to my packing now...and my endless search for the lone Sun Spider. If anyone is inspired by my questions - feel free to ask more and I'll try to answer tomorrow!!

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