Friday, July 06, 2007
OK FINE. Here's your DAMN POST
Since Freak is crackin' the whip over me, (which doesn't mean I don't necessarily love whip-cracking), here's a brief update on my very favorite subject: Me.

I'm still looking at houses. I either find a house that I love from pictures, but get there and find out that the prior owners liked sacrificing chickens in the house, or I find a beautiful house that is in an unacceptable neighborhood (i.e. bad schools or no yards...)

I'm in a snit that I haven't find THE HOUSE yet. So let's move on to other subjects.

Apparently - Eva Longoria got married. Also - she lives here in San Antonio. This is a little factoid I was not previously aware of. (Yes, i DO walk around with my head up my ass thankyouverymuch)

Now - San Antonio has some very beautiful and historic areas and San Antonio was hoping that Ms. Longoria would do the nuptial thingie HERE.

That was not in her plan. She got married in gay Pareeeeeeee. OOOOO la la!!!
This little elopement of hers pissed off the San Antonio columnists. I present to you, the response by the San Antonio Express News Staffers to her absconding to have her very own dream wedding.

Click the damn link below and laugh your ass off with me. I've already watch the stupid thing 8 times.

Eva Longoria's Wedding - Using dolls...

ok. Didja watch it? Didja piss your pants?

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