Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Thanks Talula!!

Everyone like my new little widget? I think I only get it free until July. Then I need to search for a new one.

So while I'm online basking in my eternal popularity (read: cricket chirping), I wanted to update my blog with a REALLY COOL AND FUN POST.

Sadly - the moment escapes me. I'm always in awe of people that keep their blogs fun and upbeat with hilarious posts, compelling the reader to come back for more more MORE! How in the world do ya'll do it?!

The only thing that's rumbling around my little brain right now are the words that I believe my husband spoke five years ago when we were in the process of moving into the house that I'm now frantically trying to pack up. I believe the words were:

"We are never moving again. Ever. We will die here before I even THINK about moving again."

So I guess one of us has died. But it can't be me...because I'm the one stuck packing up the house. Dammit!! And my husband is still alive because he just called me and told me that he really wished he could be here helping me pack. A more insincere comment I've never heard before. Jackass.

So since I have nothing funny to blog, I'm going to put the onus on YOU, the reader. I've done this before in the past, and it was kinda fun...so let's try it again.

Ask me a question. Any question...I'll answer it - no matter how big or small, however deep or shallow you wanna be. This is for you. I'm game!! Are you?! Leave your answer in the comments. I'll come back and post the answers tomorrow.

And I think I begged this once before in the past as well. Don't make me look like an asshole and not post a question!!!

Thank you. See you tomorrow!

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