Thursday, April 10, 2008
Norman - 2: Neighbor's 0
I'm guessing I won't be invited to any block parties anytime soon.

The neighbor that lives a few houses down from me is pretty pissed at me. I say: So What!?

So here's my open letter to my neighbor.

Dear Neighbor.

Yes I know you've lived here longer than me. I feel it is important that you recognize we live on a CUL DE SAC. And that CUL DE SAC is at the very end of a neighborhood that has a DEAD END STREET. This means we have NO THRU TRAFFIC.

As such, it is a safe area for the kids to play in the big large round part of the CUL DE SAC.

We've been here for 8 months. You've seen TONS of kids playing in the cul de sac. Not just my kiddos, but the rest of the neighborhood cul de sacs are full of rugrats too.

It's a safe bet to drive at a slow speed down the street because you know there are many many children around.

So the next time your teenage brat hauls ass around the corner and almost drives over my 6 year old, you can bet your ass I will be out there AGAIN reading your teen aged menace the riot act.

Simply saying "stay out of the road" doesn't cut it. Us grownups are standing there on the corner to watch for cars and to holler to the kids to move out of the way. When your speed demon ignores our waving arms and frantic screams, it's pretty much a given that I'm going to hop on her when she sashays out of her car as if she's done nothing wrong.

Shooting nasty looks at me and saying "watch out for the children dear" is not a good apology for almost killing my son.

Bitch. Next time my kids play ball out there, I'll tell them to aim for your windows...


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