Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Oh Yes I DID!
I have a semi-secret to tell you. I smoke. It's a semi-secret because my children do not know. My reason? I don't want them to see me. Kids monkey their parents, and it's bad enough that my husband smokes in view of them. The reason I continue to dodge their eyes are because I also see them give him grief. Which is good. Sort of. I just don't want them to pick it up solely because we both do. And don't tell me the odds are stacked against them. I see too many smoking parent families where only one parent smokes and the kids are opposed to smoke.

But anyhooooooooo.... I digress.

We were out visiting with our neighbors, when our other neighbor finally decided to come over and introduce himself....after almost of year of living here. Little late, but hey - I'm game.

So he introduces himself to everyone, and looks at me and says within earshot of my kids, (and in a thick Asian accent), "Oh yes! I see you smoking by house!" Insert smug grin here.

To which I replied:

"And I see YOU pissing of your porch!"

Grin ... gone
Neighbor...gone (ran inside house)

I don't think I'll be invited to his next party.
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