Sunday, January 06, 2008
Evacuation...complete (think Austin Powers.)

Last night, I was just like..standing in my driveway and listening to my neighbor's house because they are out of town, and there is a very faint sound coming from their house. It sounds like there is a smoke alarm sounding off in there. So I was trying to look into their house without actually looking like I was looking into their house, because we're not entirely sure they are out of town. You with me so far? Ok. Cool.

So anyway, while I was standing there, the neighbor that lives on the other side of me ventured out onto his porch. Here's the scene:

1. We never talk to them. They are strange. They are the neighbors that love Asian Karaoke.
2. There is a very large shrub line that separates our property from theirs.
3. They never visit with the rest of the neighbors. They keep very much to themselves.
4. It was dark outside
5. The neighbor did not know I was standing outside because of the darkness and the shrub line
6. This must be why he started pissing off the side of his porch
7. I really couldn't control the giggles
8. Then when I snickered just a little loud, it caused "streamus interruptus" after which he kept trying to let it out quieter and quieter
9. I finally lost it all together when he zipped up and went back inside

I think I now know why the former homeowners put up such a very large shrub line.
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