Tuesday, September 23, 2008
the chunky munkey is tasting pretty funky
Chunky Munkey. Ben & Jerry's. Gotta love it.

But not if they decide to humor THIS SUGGESTION.

Human Breast Milk?! In my FOOD? blaaaaaah!!!!! And PETA says it's horrible dairy conditions for cows.

Seriously. Imagine if Ben & Jerry's really did go for this idea. Can you imagine the new dairy farms that would have to go into production to keep up with the supply needed for Phish Food?! Wow! The visual is ASTOUNDING! I have this image of women sitting in individual stalls hooked up to the milking machines watching Oprah all day long with vacant expressions as they chew gum.

I don't think it's gonna happen.


I got an e-mail from the host of Blogtations. She used a quote of mine and made it into a youtube video along with some other funny quotes!

I'm FAMOUS! Here's a link to her awesome youtube creation. GO WATCH IT!
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