Sunday, July 06, 2008
Unsupervised again, and yes,,, i screw something up...AGAIN
Ah....yes. I did not learn my lesson right the first time. And apparently - neither did my husband.

He took off on a weekend jaunt foolishly leaving me with free time, and a credit card.


And now! I have a home improvement project that has gone horribly awry. It involves a dining room wall where the color is SOOOOOO not what it was supposed to be. I was going for a soothing terra cotta color, and have ended up with Salmon Pink.

Apparently, natural light creates this optical illusion of pepto bismol beauty. Now if you squinch your eyes together, and turn the lights off and bend upside down - it truly is ... a burnished terra cotta. But not so much if your eyes are wide open (in shock).

So here's my master plan. When he gets home, I'm gonna tell him I LOVE IT. So when he bitch's about it, I can make HIM redo it.


I just saw this picture on CNN. it just me, or does this guy look like he's got a ginormous boner?

If so, I think Viagra should use him as their #1 poster guy.
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