Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Who are you?
You are Carol Anne, from "Poltergeist."
Bad luck just seems to follow you.

Which Horror Movie Character Are You? (Many Options)
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Went to Freak Magnet's blog. I like it there and she's got some great links too! I got the above "Which Horror Movie Character are You" from Incoherent's Blog.

You know - when I first started visiting blogs - I thought to myself "Hey! I can do this. These people just take things that are happening to them, and write about it... I can do that!" And I made a blog. But holy cow. It's a talent to be able to write and be interesting, and keep people intrigued with simply who you are. I just wanted to tell EVERYONE who has a blog - good job. It's not as easy as just typing out a story and going with it. All of the blogs that I've visited and commented on are exceptional.

I think I'll be visiting his as well as Freak's now too..

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