Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Middle Kid
Whoever came up with the idea that the middle child is ignored, should come to my house sometime. My middle child will not allow anyone to ignore him. Simply put, he's an insane 3 year old, that only gets goofier as the days go by. I should've known he'd stand out from day one. He's been a nut from the day he was born. Let me show you these picture, and I swear by all that's holy - I've not altered these pictures in any way.

Okay - this picture was taken when he was 2 weeks old. It's his first bath - the one they get to take as soon as their bellybuttons fall off. Looks normal, right? He weighed the requisite 8 pounds in this picture.

Now let's jump forward 6 weeks. See a difference? My child has kaploded! He's HUGE. Look at his legs! You can even see sock prints for God's sake. And that smile. He looks like Buddah taking a bath.

I just showed you those to give you some background... well - also cause those photos make me laugh too. But this middle child will not be ignored. He's the one who tagged me with the name "Norman", and he's the one that we're always chasing in this house. My older child is forever trying to hide from him, since he loves to jump out from unexpected places and freak the hell out of her. And we think he made the baby learn to walk early, so that she could hide from him as well.

I tried to take a picture of him last week. He wouldn't stand still. I swear he flexed his toe - and leapt into the air. I happened to catch the leap in mid-flight. Check it out.

It almost looks like he's doing a stunt on a skateboard. Kinda like a miniature Tony Hawk.

I don't know what I'd do without him. He drives me crazy most days, and crazier on the other days. But he's fun. I mean.. gosh - without him, I wouldn't be Norman!
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