Sunday, May 28, 2006
Cross your fingers! (yet another bunny update)

OK. So we had the bunny in our garage for a couple days, and I fed him kitten milk with a syringe. He didn't seem to be scared of me, or overly nervous that I was handling him. He still wasn't eating any greens that we were dropping in his tank, but I was happy because he was drinking kitten milk ... AND STILL ALIVE!

Last night - I gave him a 'Nilla Wafer, and when I woke up this morning, it was gone! (The vet recommended 'Nilla Wafers or animal crackers).

Today, we went to Wal Mart, and I bought a 'cage-mount' hamster water bottle, hooked it up to the fence outside and set Baby Bunny free. (Ethan named him George. I laughed! Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoon? "...and I will hold him, and squeeze him and call him George...") Last time I checked on him, he was hunched in the tall grass and scampered away from me. While I felt a little sad about this, it also made me happy. I want him to be a wild bunny, not dependant on us for food & water. Now - I might have cheated by giving him a water bottle, but it's not a bottle I have to fill everyday, and in the meantime, he still has to forage for food. At least he's staying in the area of the old nest so that I can check on him, and grab him if I need to. When I brought him inside, he could hardly walk from weakness. Now he's scampering!.

Now if he can just avoid getting squished in the road like his mommy ...
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