Tuesday, May 23, 2006
It has been confirmed!!!
I am totally and completely redeemed in the eyes of the Bunny Gods!!

I have PROOF!!

Look.... just look at what I found in my backyard!!

How cute is THAT? There are four of them in there. They have the cutest little wiggly noses, and the sweetest little poofy tails!! They are also not scared of us - which could turn out to be a bad thing, but it sure is cute when they come see us!!

I wonder if the Bunny Gods would get mad if I took one into the house.... it wants to stay with me so bad. It was climbing all over my toes, and I had to pick it up and put it back in its nest. I think I'll name them Flopsy, Mopsy, Topsy and Peter!!

Hey! I never said I was original!

***EDIT ALERT!****

Somebody from Toronto, Canada was my 25,000 visitor at 10:04pm.. YAAAAY!!

I'm still freaking out that my little blog has been visited that many times. Thanks Blogateers! You guys are the greatest!

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  • At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 10:45:00 PM, Blogger pack of 2

    I love bunnies!
    I was pissed when my little sis was born because I was playing with baby bunnies in grandma's yard...LOL!

    d on our links is from Toronto Canada...maybe it was her that sent you over 25,000.

    We love hanging around at Norm's place;)

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 6:03:00 AM, Blogger A taste that's bitter

    OMG! Too freakin cute! I would have to steal all of them and take them inside. They could be your minions. You could train them to do your evil bunny doing.

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:42:00 AM, Blogger Wide Lawns Subservient Worker

    OH MY GOD! Teeny baby bunnisses!! I LOVE THEM! You should take more pictures and send them to Cute Overload. You seem to be having a lot of bun-bun synchronicity lately. Look up the Native American animal magic stuff and see what rabbit magic signifies. Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. Ohhhh, I love how they have tiny white lines on the tops of their heads. I want to kiss them.

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 1:21:00 PM, Blogger HotDudi

    They are really cute...

    You may well have been redeemed by the bunny gods...you should however under no circumstances take any of them into your house! You've only just fixed your relationship!

    If you weren't such a great writer we wouldn't all keep coming back ;-)

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 2:55:00 PM, Blogger Tammy

    Those bunnies are so friggin cute!!

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 3:30:00 PM, Blogger momyblogR

    Loooook at the bunniiiiiiies! Great names. :)

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 5:27:00 PM, Blogger Freak Magnet

    A week or so before Easter a long while back, our dog found a bunny nest, and when she was done, all that was left was a little tuft of fur in the corner of her mouth. My mother flipped and said there would be no Easter that year, as the dog killed the Easter Bunny.

  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 6:18:00 PM, Blogger Ace


  • At Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:52:00 PM, Blogger Norman

    Shelly/Angie - Thanks for the congrats!! I wonder if it was your friend??!!

    Mean Coffee - I think they were brought to me by the Grand Master Bunny, and I am now "The Keeper of The Rabbits". I feel elevated in the Universe... LOL

    Wide Lawns - Cute Overload? I'll go check it out!!

    HotDudi - But they WANT to come in the house! They keep following me!

    Tammy - yes.. my wittle cutsie wootsie bunnies!!

    Momyblogr - Thanx for the compliments on my purely original bunny names!! I think Peter is the one that keeps trying to climb my leg...

    FM - ZOMG!! That's terrible!! Did you cry?!

    Ace - Maybe some day I'll have MONKEES!!

  • At Thursday, May 25, 2006 5:38:00 PM, Blogger Freak Magnet

    I didn't cry. I think my mom may have, though.

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