Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Let's try this again
Originally, (as you can see by my foul-mouthed irate post below) I had ALREADY typed up the post when *POOF* it magically disappeared. Operator error - I'm sure. I'm a basket-case. I've had a crazzzeee past couple of weeks. The baby got tubes in her ears, we had two birthday parties for Miss Ashton, the kids both had games (on the same night even), I had a final test in Algebra (oh .. and I passed the class with an A... my first ever A in a math clas... YEEHAW!). Pure craziness. I'm tellin' ya.

Let me tell you this also - neither my husband or I are sports-oriented. I think I have the only husband in the world who hates football. We don't watch baseball (which horrifies my cousin who's currently doing dating one of the Texas Rangers). Sometimes I'll be amused by NASCAR - as long as there's a wreck, and sometimes my husband watches boxing (repressed anger issues maybe?). But do we go all out and do face painting and organize sports parties? No.

We do recognize that sports are important for kids to learn teamwork so we encourage them to play. Sadly, our lack of sports love in the home has reflected on the field.

The Ethanator is playing tee-ball. I think we need to ask my cousin's boyfriend for some tips for him.

Oh - he's loving the sport of tee-ball and all... but he just doesn't get it. But that's okay... none of the other kids did either. Apparently - they have the idea that tee-ball is a full contact sport. This was evident when one child hit the ball, and ran straight to second base - plowing the 'pitcher' over in the process. It was awesome. Ethan hit the ball and made it to first. But he hit the ball to the first baseman. This wasn't a problem though... because the first baseman picked up the ball as it rolled to a stop in front of his tiny foot, and politely waited for Ethan to walk to the base (he kept stopping because he had to pee). The next batter managed to whack the ball out towards left field. Ethan - being the helpful child that he is, decided to help out the other team on his way to second base, and retrieved the ball for them. I have a picture of this:

Such a nice little boy!! The umps, recognizing that this is the very first game of their little lives, refrained from calling him out, and let him proceed to second base. By this time, the last batter of the inning was up, and all of the kids were told to 'run around the bases'. The coach - not recognizing how literal children could be... directed my child to RUN AROUND. Which he did. Straight from second base to center field where he proceeded to run around in circles. I have a picture of that one as well:

The next inning went okay, Ethan played secondbaseman. Sort of. He understands the concept of the other team not getting on base. He knows that the object is for HIS team to win. When the runner on first headed for second, Ethan picked up second base and ran to right field with it. Of course the runner followed. I don't have the picture of that because I was laughing too hard by that point.

I think - my very favorite part of the whole game, was whenever one child would hit the ball - all of the kids would chase it - to include the batter. Best ball game I've ever seen.
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