Monday, June 26, 2006
I got home today, and the minute I opened the door, I was treated to the sight of 25 lbs of cuteness running towards me. I swooped down to pick up Avery, and cuddled her close, all the while keeping up a patter of mommy-talk ... It went something like this:

"Oh!! You're so sweet and cute!! Momma just wants to squeeze you sooooo much!! I missed you today. Mommy just loves you so mu... MOTHEROFGOD OWWWWWW!!! LET GO PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE...HUNNYYYYYYYYYYYY HELP!!! SHE'S GOT MY OW OW OW OW OW HELLLLLP!! SWEET GOD IN HEAVEN HELLLLLP!!!
"Mommy!" she chirped, oblivious to my screams for help. "Nice Mommy!" yank. OWWWW
"wassup?" asked my hubby, strolling casually into the room. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET.HER.HANDS!!! SHE'S TRYING TO PULL MY EAR OFF MY HEAD!" "No she's not. She's just got your earring." "YEAH I KNOW SHE'S GOT MY EARRING NUMBNUTS!! HELP!!"

So now I got a band-aid on my ear. She didn't rip my ear, but it's not the same anymore....
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