Sunday, June 18, 2006
Because all the cool kids are doing it
I'm in a funk. I have nothing to post about. My kiddos are behaving, and haven't done anything astronomically funny in the past week or so. The only new thing I have to report is that "Trixie", our girl beagle dog has finally gone into heat. Now if we can just keep Junior off of her.... we need her to get through this first heat without getting knocked up.

So I've decided to steal a game from Tammy, who stole it from Southern Fried Girl. The deal is this, in the comments, leave a question. Anything you want to know about me. I'll answer in my next post.

Now don't make me look pitiful by not leaving a question. (That last sentence should be known as a shameless plug for comments) I wanna be one of the cool kids too.... so ask away!!!
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