Thursday, June 15, 2006
...and you thought I'd forgotten...
Well, maybe you thought the GHOST had forgotten me. Not. No such luck. It's still here. Just being a little quiet lately.

Now, my mother-in-law was at my house earlier, getting instructions on how to care for my kids for me since my parents are out-of-town. I generally avoid the woman all I can, but sometimes I'm forced to visit with her. Anyway, I was showing her the medicines that Ashy is having to take (she's got a horrid cough and something called "Fifth Disease"). I pulled a couple of syringes out of the medicine box and rinsed them out as I was explaining the dosing to her. I dried the syringes, and put them on the counter, and turned around to face my MIL since she was asking me a question. I reached back around to grab the syringes, and they were gone. I said - "Well, that's weird... I just put them down!" My MIL was looking for them too, and couldn't figure out where they had gone. I mean - I had just turned for about 10 seconds, and POOF! They vanished.

So then I found myself telling her about the Coffee incident. She was giving me her look of "Oh Sure yeah", but damn!! Didn't she just see those damn things disappear?

But they've not showed up since, and we can't figure out just where they would've gone. They're probably floating around in some ghostly holding area, just waiting for the perfect time to show back up. I'm thinking I'll wake up some night and find them jammed up my nostrils. Better yet if they were jammed up my MILs nostrils.

THAT'LL teach her to not believe me about my ghost!

**any new people not familiar with my ghost can click on my purple blinkie ghost post box over in the side bar... it's all explained!
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