Sunday, June 18, 2006
Am I the only one that sees this?
You've seen those Caveman Geico commercials, haven't you? I swear... everytime I see it I think of:

Val Kilmer. I think he's one of the cavemen. Really! Look:

Kinda small... But there's the caveman... and here's Val Kilmer:

Don't see it? Try this picture:

I think it's him. My husband tells me I'm full of shit, but then he tells me that all the time anyway.

Next time ya'll see that commercial - check him out. It's Val Kilmer, isn't it?

Ask & ye shall receive:

As promised, I will now answer the questions you guys asked. Thanks for not making me look pitiful!

Sandra wanted to know:
OK, so what happened with your job. Your boss was going to stick up for you when you went on vacation?

Nothing that we know of. I went on vacation first, then when I got back from vacay - SHE went on a week long cruise. She just got back today, so this is the first I've seen of her in two weeks. I asked if the troublemaker caused any crap while I was gone, but all he's done is a couple pitiful cheap shots at me, that we all saw through. She understands that he's an ass, and doesn't believe anything he says. I'm so thankful for that!! Thanks for asking!!

Spicy Cracker wanted to know:
Did you believe in ghosts before you moved into your current house? Had you ever experienced anything of the sort before hand?

This is an interesting question. I did to an extent. I didn't believe all those people that you'd see on TV with three teeth going "It tried ta kill me... Swear!". Even though there were all those strange things going on at my work... well - gee. The more I type, the more I believe I have to answer YES to both of your questions, because I've had strange things that occurred from the time I was about 10 that I can now say... "I'll bet that was a ghost!"

pack of 2 wanted to know:
Okay....we can ask anything....right? I'm gonna ask the same thing we asked napqueen then.Have you ever had any kind of sexual experience with another woman? Any almosts? :)

LOL!!! Um... NO. But then, my friend did lay a big ol' MacDaddy kiss on me one time, because we were trying to convince a couple of ugly guys that we were actually lesbians (we were trying to make them stop hitting on us.) Sadly, all this did was encourage them to stick around for more chick-doing-chick activities. Apparently, guys have some sort of FANTASY about watching women with women... Now Stewie would have you believe that Freak Magnet and I had some action going on when we met up, but that's not true.... (mostly) we WERE groping each other!! LOL

HotDudi wanted to know:
Am I only allowed to ask one question!?! How do you maintain a happy home life with your hubby? How did/do you feel about the legalisation of drugs?

Eh... you can ask more than one question! I think my hubs & I maintain a happy home life because we don't see each other that much!! Actually, we've been married 9 years now, so I think we've fallen into that "This is our life" category. It's just something that seems to have always been... I don't know what I think about the legalization of drugs. I guess I'm against it, but my husband would loooooooove to fire up teh weed!! He's all for it.

Tammy is getting a payback on me:
Please share your most embarrassing moment with us.

She's asking this because I asked HER her most embarrassing high school moment. Well - my most embarrassing moment was this:

A long time ago, I worked at Aetna Insurance. It was just like being in high school. Some people were telling me that "Tom" in customer service liked me. I thought he was pretty cute, but I decided to play it all cool-like, so I never gave him the encouraging flirtatious smiles or anything thing gunky like that.... Anyway. I think my goal was to make myself look aloof and untouchable. It's all part of the game - ya know? So I happened to be walking down the hallway, and he was coming towards me. He looked like he wanted to say something to me, but again - I was playing all cool and unapproachable, and kept walking, intending to breeze on by him. But he called out: "Hey Norman.. Uh - I think you dropped something..." and he was beet-red and turned into the men's room pretty fast. When I turned around and looked - my slip was on the floor. It had fallen off and I never even noticed I'd stepped out of it. Thank God I didn't work there much longer. (and obviously - he never asked me out) So much for cool & aloof - huh?

or it could be the time my sister locked me out of the house naked and I had to go to the next door neighbor's house because it was like 30 degrees outside and I was cold. Their waaaaay cute son was home (I was 12) from college and he laughed at me....

Take your pick!!

Michael is attempting to gather future information:
I probably should know this but...In your job do you carry a gun and have you ever had to shoot a stalker with it?

No! I don't carry and gun and I haven't had to shoot a stalker.... yet. (heheheheee)

Wide Lawns Subservient Worker wanted to know:
What was the worst trouble you ever got into as a kid, and then what was the worst trouble you should have gotten into if you had been caught?Also, what is your favorite dessert in the whole world?

Wow! A three parter. Well - the worst trouble I ever got into was when we were 14 years old, my friend & I snuck her dad's 280ZX out of the house and we went cruising the streets of San Antonio at about 2am in the morning. We got busted because her older brother ratted us out, since HE wanted to sneak the car out. I was grounded for like - a year. The worst trouble i SHOULD have gotten into, if I had been caught, was the time I stole my sister's birth certificate, and took it to the Department of Motor Vehicles, and got a fake ID made with HER info and MY picture. So it was actually a genuine fake ID. I got carded all the time with it, by real cops, and never got caught. But that's actually a FEDERAL offense... aka IDENTITY THEFT - not to mention my sister would have killed me dead if she ever knew I did that... so shhhhhhh. And my favorite dessert in the wholewideworld? It's gotta be cheesecake.

Dari had this to ask:
Had you been to Afghanseitan, I mean Afghansein, I mean Afghanstan. OK...OK Iraq?Had you been in a threesome.Had you been to the desert with no cloths and no beer..I have a million question

No!! I'm too afraid of being beheaded... thankyouverymuch! I've never been in a threesome, and I don't intend to be. (I actually don't like sex) but you didn't ask THAT did you!! LOL And being in the desert with no clothes and no beer? Sorry!! But have YOU?!!

Greg the Surly had this to say:
Can I have a Pony?

Sure! But I don't have one to give you!!

Rants from a Bee had this to say:
hmmm....if you could say something to your ghost, what would you say?If you could do something to your ghost what would you do? You know, besides set it free or whatever.

OOO!! Good question!! I would tell it to back off!! I would also find out who they were, and what they wanted with me. If I could do something to it? I would try to scare the ghostly shit out of it... show it what it feels like!!


I just absolutely HAD to share that someone in Australia searched for this today:

food poisoning blog vomit or toilet or explosion or diarrhea or puke or barf

and ran across my blog. I'm so excited

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