Saturday, October 07, 2006
Your personality REVEALED!
Ahhhhhhhh... this deserves a double post! I, the Great Normanator, have deduced your personalities soley based on the type of snack you prefer!! Am I cool or what?!

So without further ado...Let's get snacking!

China Doll was the sole selecter of the mighty Slim Jim...aka Meat Snack. China Doll - I say you prefer to be with other people while you indulge. Meat snack lovers are at their best in the company of others because they are so gregarious - and sometimes generous to a fault. If you want a true friend, pick China Doll: She is trustworthy and always loyal! She will go all out for friends and family, even to the point of making sacrifices!

China Doll... do you agree with this ?!! After that post on your blog today - I THINK IT'S TRUE!

Spicy Cracker went against her name, and picked NOT the Snacky Cracker, but the POTATO CHIP. Interesting... Spicy - I say you're an ambitious person, AND a high achiever! You enjoy the rewards of success both at work and at home. You are not a selfish sort, you enjoy the successes of your spouse as well. You also tend to be impatient with less than the best, and you are easily frustrated by life's little blips - traffic jams and waiting in line make you crazy!! AAAAARRRGGGHHHHHH!

So Spicy - do you find this accurate!? (lol... I'm loving this!!)

TBG and Sandra both chose the yummy scrumptious tortilla chip! (me - I love this with some PICO!) Ok Ladies....You're probably perfectionists; if it's less than perfect, you'll redo it. Not satisfied with a mere A, you want the A+. Individuals such as TBG and Sandra are not selfish, so if you want a partner to help you fight an injustice, look to these ladies with their hands in a bowl of tortilla chips. Invite them over for the weekend, too, because they are likely to be good houseguests. These tortilla chip lovers are punctual and conservative. A male tortilla chip lover can slip into a tux or feel just as comfortable in an old T-shirt, but don't look for the tortilla chip loving woman to dress provacatively - she is rather sexually restrained.

(WHAAA??? Don't worry ladies - I included myself in this category. I'll make the call to Dr. Ruth....mmm'kay?)

Vic (of the no-link comment), Hot Biscuit, and the De-Lurking Maid of the North (HI!), AND Psycho Ann Alycis (Ann Alycis snuck in ...this is an edit!! hehehehe) all chose POPCORN!
Wow!! You guys really know how to take charge of a situation, and are usually quick to pick up the slack if the need arises. While these women have great self-confidence, they are rather humble - you can't call them showoffs!! Popcorn lovin' people may hide their success so well that they appear to be a "poor relation", while they are actually squirreling away their treasures! If you inherit money from a relative you thought was flat broke - odds are they were most likely a popcorn muncher.

So guys... did I get your number on this!?

Dari (who has no blog anymore), and Kim are PRETZEL people!

What does that mean? It means you are a lively sort of person, easily bored with the same old routine. You look for new challenges at work and at home...and can spend HOURS mulling over abstract concepts while you munch on your pretzels. You are FLIRTATIOUS and like to dress provacatively (say what????), but you quickly tire of a trend and are off to find the latest style. Pretzel people are intuitive, make decisions based more on emotion than logic, and they may be overly trusting in romantic relationships. They're fun to be with -- but they're vulnerable too....

So guys - -- did I hit any nails on their heads!?

I'm the GREAT NORMAN!! Who was only SLIGHTLY (ok - hugely influenced) by the Uncle John's Supremely Satisfying Bathroom Reader Vol. 14

If you would like for me (and Uncle John) to tell you about YOUR personality... please review the list in the previous post (if it's not "defined" above already), and let me know what YOUR snack choice is!

Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds asked if I would analyze her cheese addiction. But of COURSE daaahlink.. I can assure you that your choice indicates that you are conscientious and principled and expect others to be too. You tend to take the moral high ground. With your finely tuned sense of right and wrong, you treat everyone in the same just and fair manner. You have integrity!! You may appear rigid to others, but in reality you just know enough to plan ahead. In your house, the spare batteries and Band-Aids are right where they belong - just like everything on your desk at work.

Was that right!???!!

Freak Magnet said that she is NUTS. Well - of course. I knew that. But NOW what we all know about Freak Magnet is that Nuts tend to be easygoing, empathetic, and understanding. Nut lovers can be counted on to stay calm, even in the midst of upheaval, so even a screaming spouse or a disappointing boss (or even a nekked roomie) won't ruffle you. They do well in jobs that involve the public (not PUBIC.... pubLIC). Nut lovers may not be outstanding leaders, but they contribute to a peaceful home and an effective office.

Now CHRISTAN and Michael asked about sugary snacks. I can't answer that one because I don't have all the answers without specifics!! I need specifics!! Like what?? Brownies? Oatmeal Cookies? Chocolate Chip Cookies? Cheesecake?? lol... besides, this Bathroom Reader only specified the snacks I mentioned - so I can't answer you anyway. But I'm still THE GREAT NORMANATOR!
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