Monday, December 18, 2006
I don't think I have the presence of mind to write a semi-literate post right now (ahem... do i EVER?). So I'm just going to give you some tidbits of stuff.

1. When your child tells you in the middle of the night that their stomach hurts, it probably does

2. Asking said child if they need a barf bucket is not adequate

3. When your child answers "No" and then proceeds to blow chunks all over your bed, she probably needed a barf bucket.

4. It was spaghetti

5. I'm not cooking spaghetti again anytime soon.

6. Changing the sheets on a king size bed at 2am sucks

7. Scraping gelatinous masses of second hand spaghetti off sheets is nasty

8. I'm not cooking spaghetti again anytime soon

9. Yeah, I know I already said that. I really mean it.

10. Ethan does not understand the concept of "Hot Wheels" cars

11. I discovered this lack of understanding when he put his hot wheel in the microwave

12. He DOES however, understand the concept of working the microwave.

13. I need a new microwave

14. According to Ethan, Hot wheels are supposed to be HOT.

15. Hot Wheels stink when melting

16. I'm never cooking Hot Wheels again... or spaghetti

17. I still need a new microwave.

18. Avery likes to fingerpaint.

19. I really should have noticed SOONER that she'd pooped in her diaper

20. Avery is not fully pottytrained yet.

21. According to 2 year olds, poop makes GREAT fingerpaints.

22. I need to repaint my bathroom wall.

23. I also need to clean out under her fingernails.

24. Oops, her fingers are in her nose.

25. I'm very tired and have no energy.

OK. That's my list of stuff that is TOTALLY blogworthy, but can't formulate into a meaningful post. Probably because I'm on my second margarita. Did I mention all of this stuff occurred TODAY? (sunday, i'm preposting this...)

have a great monday ya'll!
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