Monday, December 04, 2006
Norman's Observations & Musings
OK. I really don't have any real musings. I just wanted to say that I have musings because I've observed everybody else on the internets has a muse of SOMETHING. I don't believe that I've ever really mused. I think I just jump to flat-out conclusions.

But on to my other observations! And you do need to realize (and observe) that as I type this, it is 12:09 on Monday night, and I am SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF because I have a stupid "Parenthetical Essay" (whatever the hell that is) due in class tomorrow, and I haven't even started writing it. I tried to withdraw from this class today and was told that "Yeah, sure - you can withdraw, but you won't be refunded any of your money" (Counselor, 2:30pm) <----- there. See? I'm practicing my "Parenthetical Essay" format. Stupid me, in all my dumb glory, decided to inform the counselor that "Hey! That's ok.. I've only paid a third of my tuition anyway!" to which the counselor replied "err... Well, no then you actually will OWE us the remainder of the tuition, whether you withdraw or not" (Counselor, 2:31pm) It was at this point, that I began making some rather inane observations.

Observation #1... That's a STUPID FREAKING RULE
Observation #2... Why the hell do you pluck all your eyebrows out, only to put them back on with a sharpie marker?
Observation #3... She sees me staring at her sharpie eyebrows.

So I left after the third observation. But I believe I pissed her off with my unspoken observation.

The observations didn't stop there. I started observing lots of stuff. I won't bore you with the rest of the observations, but I will tell you about these:

Observation #543... I believe it must be a full moon, because everyone is driving like fuckerheads.


Observation #6852... What the HELL is up with these guys that are putting these ear lobe spreader thingies in their ears?
Observation #6852.1 ... What is the point in doing that?
Observation #6852.2 ... Don't they know what their lobes are gonna look like when they are in their 60's

Well. That's about the gist of my observations today. Now that my fingers are warmed up. I must pursue this tasking of trying to find similarities (and put it into parenthetical essay format with some MLA guidelines) between Kate Chopin and William Faulkner.

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