Saturday, April 07, 2007
waiting game
I'm BACK! See? I'm good! Some of you didn't even know I was gone!

I flew out Thursday night, did a job interview at the VLC, hopped in my car and drove for 10 hours to get home.

Got a speeding ticket, otherwise I would have made the trip in 8 hours. I thought it might be prudent to slow down after receiving the ticket. Here are the charges:

Going 57 in a 45mph (frickin' small towns. I hate 'em)
No proof of insurance (this was actually a strategic move on my part, I'll fill ya in shortly...)
Expired Registration
Expired Inspection

.....pissed me off

57 in a 45? Oh come on... I was coming in off 95mph. If that cop would have caught me then, he'd STILL have a boner from catching the HIGH SPEED CRIMINAL (that would be me). But, I pulled my wide-eyed innocent act, which is starting not to work as well since I'm getting older and all. Walked away with 2 warnings (no citations) for the expired registration and inspection. And 2 citations for the speeding & the non-proof thingie. Now let me let you know a secret. If you get hammered for no proof of insurance, all you have to do is fax a copy of the proof to the issuing court. They'll drop the ticket. And 9 times out of 10, they'll drop the speeding citation as well since it's issued on the same ticket. Gotta keep things simple in a small town. So we'll see how that goes. But - ya'll would do well to remember that in the future. Just don't show your proof of insurance if you KNOW you're gonna get a ticket.

But I think I NAILED that job interview. The pay is not great...but LISTEN to the benefits with the VLC:

32 paid days off
2 yearly bonuses... one is a Christmas bonus which is 2 weeks pay, the second is an annual bonus which is anywhere from 10 - 15% of your annual salary
free life insurance
full medical, dental and vision
401(k) with 6% employer matching, fully vested after 3 years
pension plan (I've never had a pension plan before!!)

...and to take the sting out of the not great pay, they give you 3 performance reviews in the first 18 months with the potential to get a raise each time, because the theory is....if VLC feels that you're doing a good job, they'll pay you to stay, and make it worth your while.

Also - as far as the bad pay is concerned, it's actually NOT bad pay as far as San Antonio is concerned. I've got to deal with the idea that I'm coming from a highly OVERPAID position (I'm not lying) with "allright benefits". So. This is about as good as I'm going to get for now.

Also, the VLC wants to hire people that are willing to expand and grow so they'll pay for college, and they ENCOURAGE people to use the college benefit.

So. I'll know by Wednesday if I have the job, but I kinda think I do...because the hiring manager talked to me for like 1 1/2 hours. Said he enjoyed talking with me.

AND!!! I made some friends in the lobby. I seem to do that easily. I just start talking to people and they open right up. In fact, before I went in for my interview, one of the other people waiting for an interview gave me their e-mail addy and told me to call them when I got home. She said that since I'd be moving back to San Antonio, I'd probably need some friends and she wanted to be on that list. LOL!! It was funny the way she worded it, but she was fun to talk with so I'll take her up on that offer. I lke friends! I met two other people and they wanted my e-mail as well, but I didn't give it to them because they were men and cute and I thought it would piss off my hubby.

So - I'll let you guys know if I get the job, but PLEASE SEND LUCK VIBES MY WAY!!

By the way - this is fair warning, but I'll be editing this post in a bit to show you some pictures... of what? You might ask...of the great outdoors. It's fricking SNOWING outside, lots. The day before Easter and it is SNOWING. I don't like snow. But then you knew that, didn't you?

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