Sunday, May 20, 2007
Dialogue with a 2 year old
"Mommy!! Mommy come quick!!! Junior eww-y!!" Her panicked little face is pressed against the back door window in distress.

"What's the problem? What's wrong with Junior?" Junior is our boy beagle. I glance out into the backyard and see Junior hovering in the furthest corner of the yard. In retrospect...I realize he's picked the furthest point away from Avery. That should have been my first clue. Which I didn't get.

"Mommy! Junior ewwwwwie!!! Mommy Junior ear bad!"

"What's wrong with Junior's ear?" I stepped outside and called to Junior. He hesitantly approached me, keeping a wary eye on Avery. I grabbed a soft floppy ear and looked at it. His ear a doggy ear. Everything as it should be. I grabbed the other. It's slightly damp - but otherwise appears clean. Nothing LODGED in his ear or anything. Baffled, I reached for his other ear and re-inspected it. "Avery, what's wrong with Junior's ear?" I asked again while feeling for sores or ticks...anything that could have prompted the horror and urgency in her little voice.

"Mommy. Junior ear taste YUCKY!"


"Avery! You are not supposed to eat your doggie!! NO NO NO NO NOOOO!!!!

"oh. ok mommy. Saawry Junior."

poor doggie.

oh! And I found the "Fish Heads" video!! Enjoy!

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